Nodejs SDK Async/Await example (3.0) & sample project urgent!

Looks like SDK 3.x support async/await syntax in nature.?
It is been rewriting in ES6/ES7 syntax.

Looks there are many breaking changes in 3.x.
I am a newbie of couchbase. So, if I start to do some project with couchbase nodesdk, I better start with 3.x because later it would be painful to upgrade all my code for the new syntax and new api.

The problem is there is no sample example nor documentation!
I couldn’t find any good example to use couchbase sdk functions with async/await syntax… Could you give me some CRUD example/sample project with async/await syntax ? More importantly, needs some documentation about new APIs

There are breaking changes in 3.x, yes. That said, we will continue to have 2.x support overlapping with 3.x for some time. New features will of course be in 3.x. I can’t recommend starting with 3.x yet unless you want to build from source and are willing to see some API change along the way.

It’s under development which is why you don’t see that level of documentation yet. We do development in the open as the SDK is Open Source, which is why you’re seeing it on github now.

If you want to follow along with the docs as they’re developed, check out

Pull requests gladly accepted!

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