NodeJS API Reference?

Hi, I’ve been looking for the NodeJS couchbase API reference for a while now but I can not find it. All the links seem to end up on the “getting started”/“guide” page. Is there an online API reference for the NodeJS SDK?

This is what I’ve found so far:
-> (Developer portal top drop down link)
(Guide and references - SDKs dropdown menu)
(NODEJS SDK 2.0/2.1 - Download and API reference)

The “current” API Reference link seems to be broken and redirect to a non-nodejs related doc archive page. Older versions link to a page for example. However, this page have no API reference and links to the following two pages: (I’ve already been there…) and to From the open source projects page I can expand the NodeJS link and navigate via the link “Documentation” to the page But this page only leads back to the “Download and API reference” page which I’ve already visited before.

Surely I must have missed a link somewhere :).


From the download and install page I was able to get to the 2.1.3 API reference, but the 2.1.4 link is indeed broken.

I’ve created JSCBC-288 to track this. Thanks for reporting the issue.

Hi, can you please make it a priority to fix this? Still a problem with the 2.5 SDK documentaiton. I’m on the page:

There is basically no API spec or reference. The link titled “Node.js Community” is listed under the “Documentation” section, but it doesn’t go to it.

Is there any other way to find it anywhere right now?

Hey @twinkle,

Could you elaborate on what exactly you are looking for? You can find our API reference at the link you posted, there is a navigation bar along the top to navigate to information about specific pieces of the SDK, for instance:

You can find the high-level documentation of our SDKs on our developer website here:

Cheers, Brett