Node unavailable


Just I started to study couchbase with C# SDK.

My first program is as follows.

    var config = new ClientConfiguration
        Servers = new List<Uri>
            new Uri("http://localhost:8091/")


    var cluster = new Cluster(config);

    var authenticator = new PasswordAuthenticator("Administrator", "cardresearch");
    var bucket = cluster.OpenBucket("mybucket");

    //var result = bucket.Insert("my-document-key", new { thisobject = "isempty" });
    //var document = new Document<string> { Id = "document_id", Content =  "value"  };

    //var result = bucket.Insert("my-document-key", new { thisobject = "isempty" });

    var document = new Document<dynamic> { Id = "document_id", Content = new { Some = "value" } };
    var result = bucket.Insert(document);


At the last line, result.Status shows “NodeUnavailable”

How can I fix it?

Thanks advance.

Hi @cjh0532,

I just tried this code locally and it worked okay. “NodeUnavailable” means that the node is offline or can’t be reached. Are you sure this node is online and accessible from the C# app that you are building? Can you login to http://localhost:8091 with Administrator/cardresearch username and password and create documents manually with the UI?

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