Node sdk 4.2.5 version throwing `GLIBC_2.29' not found on RHEL 8

I have installed the node sdk version 4.2.5 on RHEL 8
Below are the detail description of the OS

Node version : v18.14.2
Npm version : 9.5.0

When we tried to execute basic standalone connection script we get below error
we get below error

As per official documentation it says SDK is compatible with RHEL 8

Is anyone facing the same issue ? or is there any solution for this ?

Desh Naik

Hi @desh_naik – I am sorry you have run into this issue. I can confirm the problem and have created JSCBC-1174 to correct how our linux x64 prebuilds are created. In the interim are you able to use Node.js v16? We should have JSCBC-1174 completed for the 4.2.6 release (release details here).

Do you have an enterprise account?

Posting for future reference – JSCBC-1174 has been resolved and included in v4.2.6 of the Node.js SDK (released 8 August 2023).

4.2.6 still errors for us:
/usr/bin/node: symbol lookup error: /var/www/chemsafety/api/bgtasks/node_modules/@couchbase/couchbase-linux-x64-openssl3/couchbase-v4.2.6-napi-v6-linux-x64-openssl3.node: undefined symbol: OPENSSL_info

@kralphs - since your issue is different from the original issue in this thread, it would be useful for you to start a new thread. Also - your openssl3 issue might be related to Build of Node.js SDK 4.2.6 fail on Debian 11 (bullseye) - #7 by fidgi

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