Node load balancing over a php

I have a three-node Couchbase cluster;
When I’m adding all of the nodes to the server array, if the first in array node is in trouble, php is not able to connect to the other nodes, why?

do you mean it doesn’t try to connect to other two nodes? what versions of php extension and libcouchbase?

exactly. It doesn’t try. How can I know the libcouchbase version? php extension is latest (1.2.1)

there is cbc executable which usually comes along with libcouchbase. you can run it like this

C:\deps\bin>cbc.exe version cbc built from: libcouchbase 2.2.0 (rev. unknown) using libcouchbase: 2.2.0 (windows IOCP)

Is there such cbc on the linux ? Anyway, I’ll try to find it

yes, it is located in libcouchbase2-bin package