No View Metrics are reported in NetworkLatencyMetrics event

I’m using couchbase-client 2.2.6. BINARI/CONFIG.
The NetworkLatencyMetricsEvent doesn’t report VIEW requests metrics.
According to the documentation the event constructed as Node > Service Type > Request Type > Response > Status, is expected to report Service Type = VIEW.
I tested it with calls to view, in which “com.couchbase.client.core.endpoint.view.ViewHandler” was called but the metrics was no reported.
Can you please assist?

@litoms do you still have the same issue with a more modern version (like 2.4.3?) thanks!

From the ViewHandler it looks like there’s no support for metrics for the ViewQueryRequest, as it looks like there’s missing(?) call to finishedDecoding() in ViewHandler.decodeResponse.

I think this is why the state is never marked as DecodingState.FINISHED, so the calling method (AbstractGenericHandler.decode) never calls the writeMetrics method:

from AbstractGenericHandler.decode:
if (currentDecodingState == DecodingState.FINISHED) {

Do you plan to add the metrics for the ViewQueryRequest in the future?