No valid node found to bootstrap

We are using Couchbase server 6.0 and Java SDK 2.7.1

we have set up a DNS name with Consul by HashiCorp ( however when i nslookup to the DNS name its working. when i tried from JAVA sdk with configuring CB environment to dnssrvEnabled(true).

i’m getting the below error

com.couchbase.client.core.config.ConfigurationException: No valid node found to bootstrap from. Please check your network configuration.

Kindly help…Thanks in advance.

Hi Chaitanya,

You’ve probably seen this already, but just in case:

What nslookup command are you using to verify the DNS SRV record is correctly configured, and what is the output of that command?

Can you share more of the log that contains the error message?


Im afraid i haven’t configured DNS in SRV type . i’ll check in documents if they have any seetings to setup in SRV.

if not can i convert the DNS name to SRV format in JAVA and try passing ? will that work.

If you have a normal DNS name (not SRV) then just use that name when connecting and don’t call dnsSrvEnabled(true) when building your CouchbaseEnvironment.

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