No TTL returned to Java and .NET Clients

both the Java and .NET clients always return TTL of 0 for queried documents.

Node.JS (and I suppose, thus C) returns the actual TTL value.

Having this value would be great for any data migrations we may do without XDCR.

Thanks - H

@unhuman can you provide an example for node and java? The reason I’m asking: the actual KV protocol underneath does not return the TTL on a get, so I wonder… The only way to my knowledge to get access to the current TTL of a document is through views (and N1QL through META())

I’m sorry. Node engineer tells me he’s using a view.

It’d be a great feature to add otherwise… Guess that impacts the server & protocol, which probably is non-trivial.

@daschl META() does not return expiration. Just tried it in DP 4.5.

[ { "$1": { "cas": 461998194688, "flags": 33554432, "id": "NoExpiration", "type": "json" } } ]

And, I just found this:

Pretty weak that it’s been moved out of Watson.