No index available for ANSI join term

FROM bucket parent
LEFT JOIN bucket reply
ON parent.quoted_id == 
WHERE parent.obj_type == 0
AND parent.sender_jid == 'noobmaster69'
AND (parent.quoted_id == OR parent.quoted_id == '')
AND parent.timestamp > 1571180243
AND parent.timestamp < 1572148029;

i create index for almost every key, but i still got :

No index available for ANSI join term reply

it’s working when i add

AND reply.obj_type == 0

but it’s mean, i only get data if the parent has a reply

create index ix1 on bucket(id);

Following predicate will not make it left outer join

AND (parent.quoted_id == OR parent.quoted_id == β€˜β€™)

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so i need to create index for id from without any WHERE, thankyou <3