No connection available in Couchbase Connection Pool

I spun 2 couchbase servers in 2 docker containers. I am trying to connect to both of them from my ASP.NET Core app like following:

                var cluster = new Cluster(new ClientConfiguration()
                    Servers = ConnectionConfiguration.Servers.Select(x => new Uri(x)).ToList(),
                    PoolConfiguration = new PoolConfiguration
                        MaxSize = ConnectionConfiguration.PoolMaxSize,
                        SendTimeout = ConnectionConfiguration.SendTimeout,
                        ConnectTimeout = ConnectionConfiguration.ConnectTimeout
                    ConnectionPoolCreator = ConnectionPoolFactory.GetFactory<CouchbaseConnectionPool<MultiplexingConnection>>()

                var authenticator = new PasswordAuthenticator(ConnectionConfiguration.UserName, ConnectionConfiguration.Password);

                //Get the bucket
                var bucket = cluster.OpenBucket(ConnectionConfiguration.BucketName, ConnectionConfiguration.Password);

But as soon as it gets to OpenBucket I get an exception saying:

Could not bootstrap with CCCP. (No connection available in CouchbaseConnectionPool endpoint:

Hi @ibrahim1,

Is your ASP.NET Core application also running within the Docker host? If not, make sure that you have exposed the proper ports. Since you are running two nodes, you should also check out this thread: Could not bootstrap (NullReference when add Nodes) - Swarm - short story is that the Couchbase client needs access to each node. If you are trying to do this from outside the docker host, you will run into problems.

No they are not part of the same network if that is what you mean. But in that case I cannot create 2 separate couchbase server inside the same network, can I? Because it seems couchbase server will always bind to 8091.