.Net SDK support to add attachments

What I have gathered is .Net SDK does not support add/update attachment feature as couhbase lite does.
It this stage, only way is to add attachment is via SGW api.

Rest API can only add one attachment at a time. So My question is how can I be able to add multiple attachments to one document?

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You can invoke the attachment PUT REST API multiple times to add multiple attachments to a document

@priya.rajagopal, just wondering if it could be possible to use the Document.Put method of the Rest API to add multiple attachments directly in the document’s body?

You could but it could be quite tedious as you’d have to construct a multi-part message that also includes appropriate digests for each of the attachments. My recommendation would be the attachments API- its much simpler. BTW , here is a recent blog post on attachments and blogs support in Couchbase Mobile.

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