.NET Native In Memory Distributed Cache

Hi, I have a .NET Core native app that needs to be scaled with some in memory distributed cache. at the moment i am evaluating multiple caching opportunities including, Couchbase and Redis. But, somehow, they are not .NET native. I have heard about NCache as Couchbase and Redis alternative(http://bit.ly/2GsA9Mz) in this article. need your views about this.

@Ayesha_Irshad -

Couchbase is a stand-alone database that support multiple client platforms (C, Go, Java, Python, .NET Full and Core, etc) - It runs on Windows and multiple flavors of Linux. It’s a full feature database with persistent and non-persistent storage; persistent storage has a built in cache. It scales horizontal and vertically based on your needs and resource demands. It’s designed for high-thoroughput/performance applications.

Generally, the cluster and data are stored off of your front-end application servers and accessed via an SDK or an extension of the SDK like Couchbase-Aspnet Caching and Session for .NET Full and Couchbase.Extensions for .NET Core. Both integrate directly with ASP.NET, so its as easy as using the default In-Memory Caching and Session in .NET or just use the SDK directly. All can also be found on NuGet.