.NET Client 1.2.6 Does not save any parameter called "Id"

Previous .NET Client: 1.2.1
Updated .NET Client: 1.2.6
Server version: 2.0.0
Server OS: Windows

When we saved the following C# object to Couchbase using something like this:

_couchbaseClient.StoreJson(StoreMode.Set, form.id, form); [Serializable] public class Form { [JsonProperty] public string Id { get; set; } [JsonProperty] public string FormTemplateId { get; set; } [JsonProperty] public ICollection Sections { get; set; } [JsonProperty] public string FormType { get; set; } [JsonProperty] public string ProcessEngineTaskId { get; set; } }

Using the old client this worked and all “Id”'s are persisted.
Using the new client no “Id” is saved.

Is this now a reserved keyword?
Is there new documentation on allowed property names?
This broke our application in a big way!

For now we have rolled back to 1.2.1


(Double post from old site: http://www.couchbase.com/forums/thread/net-client-1-2-6-does-not-save-any-parameter-called-id)

BTW: “Additional tags” causes an error in this new forum when I try typing ".net"
An AJAX HTTP error occurred.HTTP Result Code: 403Debugging information follows.Path: http://www.couchbase.com/communities/taxonomy/autocomplete/field_question_tagsStatusText: ForbiddenResponseText: 403 ForbiddenForbiddenYou don’t have permission to access /communities/taxonomy/autocomplete/field_question_tags/.neon this server.Apache/2.2.3 (Red Hat) Server at www.couchbase.com Port 80

This was a breaking change in 1.2.5, that provided better compatibility between the JSON extension methods and the generic views. It is documented in the release notes, and in the JSON extensions appendix.


Thanks for this response, clarifies our problem very well. Sorry for the delay in responding, I went on holiday :slight_smile:

I would question why breaking changes are included in a minor version number update.