.NET 1.3 SDK Tutorial - Newbie Initial Problem

I am completely new to Couchbase. I’ve downloaded the database and installed the 2 sample buckets. I’ve started to go through the .NET SDK 1.3 tutorial. It shows how to set up the app.config file with the default bucket. A later section (Performing CRUD Operations) then refers to the beer-sample bucket with an example of how to get a document from this. So I changed the app.config to refer to beer-sample instead of default. The example refers to a key called new_holland_brewing_company-sundog but when I try this it returns a null. When I looked at the documents for the beer-sample bucket there’s no such a key so I tried one that appears to exist, e.g. 21st_amendment_brewery_cafe-563_stout. However, this also returns a null.

There seems to be inconsistencies at the beginning of the tutorial (i.e. refers to default bucket for app.config but then goes onto to refer to a another bucket) and between the tutorial and the sample bucket. As a newbie I am a bit stuck as to what to do. Can anyone help me please?


OK, managed to figure out what I was doing wrong:

  1. In app.config set bukcket equal to beer-sample and uri to
  2. In Main method of Program.cs set key to 21st_amendment_brewery_cafe (for example).
    It then works out all OK.