Need to help to develop couchbase operator


I heard about couchbase Operator beta and it will be a big pleasure for me to contribute on this project.

I worked on k8s since 3 years, know how Operator Framework works and have started learning Couchbase 2 weeks ago.

Is couchbase Operator project open to public?

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Hi @aliouba, Firstly great to hear that you heard about Couchbase Operator and are interested in contributing. You can reach out to me directly and we can discuss your contribution to this project. Thank you!

@anil Yes, I really think that the operator should be open sourced. Lots of people (like me) have experience in developing k8s operators. It took 3 months to go from 0.7 to 0.8… I absolutely cannot understand why this is not on github. Isn’t couchbase the “engagement database”? Please allow people to engage! :slight_smile:

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