N1ql: the indexes are not getting updated immediately

I am facing a problem here i am Querying Couchbase using Nickel and my Query is

SELECT  *        FROM `user`
                 USE INDEX (ord_ts_new_idx USING GSI)
                 WHERE META(`user`).id LIKE 'ord::27::%'
                 ORDER BY ts DESC
                 OFFSET 0 LIMIT 5;

But here the value that I am getting is not updated, But If I make
the same request after sometime It gives me the desired output.
The query that I have used for making the INDEX is

CREATE INDEX ord_ts_new_idx ON `user-account`(`ts`) USING GSI;

Where ts is the TimeStamp.
So Could you please tell me if there is a way in which, i can get the updated data always.
Thanks in advance. Any type of help is appreciated.