N1QL select have deadlock after upsert documents, immediately

couchbase : 4.1.0

client : CouchbaseNetClient2.2.6

language : c#


1.I had request ‘select’ statement, it’s ok = run

2.and insert 30document haves common key for category searching (category_key)

3.and send query statement like 'select *,meta(b).cas bucket b where category_key = ‘key’; immediately with ScanConsistency.RequestPlus


  1. then, exception occur with timeout status
    message : null, signature : null, exception.status : Timeout

  2. BUT ! status of query result is Success.

  3. bucket haves only 30 documents with relaxed cpu/memory usage

how can I solve this problem?

I need fresh data like ‘ScanConsistency.RequestPlus’


I don’t fully understand. Can you try this in cbq shell and tell us what you are seeing.