N1QL query using distinct keyword

If I have data that looks like this:


how would i write a query in N1QL to only return the latest document (using the playbook_log_date field) for distinct locations? this worked:

 `SELECT DISTINCT(name), status FROM `testdb` where type="location_status" order by playbook_log_date;`

But it doesn’t return all the fields in the document.
So I tried this:

SELECT DISTINCT(name), status, playbook_log_date FROMtestdbwhere type="location_status" order by playbook_log_date;

But that returns more than one record per location. I just want one record per location - the latest one - with all the data in the doc showing.

You can do the following.

SELECT MAX( [ playbook_log_date, d ] )[1]
FROM mybucket AS d
GROUP BY name;