N1qL query running too slow on cluster

Hello i have 2 clusters

One with only 1 node with 32 gb of total cluster ram (8gb indexes, 16 gb for 2 buckets ) windows 10.

My second cluster has 2 nodes each with 64 gb of ram (16 gb indexes and 40 gb for same 2 buckets) windows server 2019 . both has couchbase version 6.6.0 CE

Both clusters have same no of records around 3000 right now and have same indexes .

My question is when i run this query select t.* from st_initialization_hq t where t.type = ‘service’ the smaller cluster of 1 node which has total 32 gb runs fine and executes this query in 45ms . but the large cluster having 2 nodes each with 64 gb running very slow it takes around 5 to 6 sec to execute .

Why this is happening please help. Thanks

Just to be sure, have you run explain for the statement on both clusters and confirmed the execution plan is the same? (EXPLAIN | Couchbase Docs)