N1ql QUERY performance impacted after upgrading to new CouchBase JDK 2.5.8

Hi Team,

Need your help on improving performance of N1ql.
which got impacted highly after I started using the 2.5.8 sdk.
Execuing N1ql thru Java after connecting to my bucket as below.
Connection to Couch:

Cluster cluster = CouchbaseCluster
Bucket secureBucket = cluster.openBucket(“userid”, “password”);
Exeuciton of N1ql:

String placeholders = “placeholders”;
JsonObject placeholder = JsonObject.create().put(“placeholders”,
String statement1 = “select a.* from ace_supplier a where a.type = $placeholders”;
N1qlQuery querytoextractplaceholders = N1qlQuery.parameterized(
statement1, placeholder);
placeholderslist = secureBucket.query(querytoextractplaceholders);

Latest Maven dependecy:-

com.couchbase.client java-client 2.5.8

Hi @naganjaneyulu.yazali, can you provide more details about the impact on N1QL queries? Are they running more slowly? To what degree? How complex is your query? How big is your data?

Simple fecth queries … earlier is used to take 500 ms… now it is taking 2 to 4 seconds …
data also not much big… it’s just around 50 to 100k.

Can you try running your query via the REST API to see how it compares? E.g.:

curl -X POST -u Administrator:password -d 'statement=select count(*) from travel-sample' http://localhost:9093/query/service