n1ql queries running against system

I am familiar with relational database systems like SQL SERVER and MySQL. I have been kicking the tires on N1QL the last two weeks. I know there is an EXPLAIN plan in Couchbase similar to what SQL SERVER and MySQL offer. However, is there a location to monitor what queries are currently running on couchbase? SQL SERVER and MySQL both offer a way to see what queries are running on the system at any given time or view historical queries. SQL SERVER has the plan cache and MySQL has general query log, slow query log as well as the performance schema. Does couchbase over anything similar ? This would be helpful for troubleshooting performance issues on the system.

Better monitoring is something we are working on. Today you have the ability to see response times AVG, queries/sec and the avg result size etc but not the ability to drill into individual executions at runtime. We are looking to bring those online in future releases.

Is there a list of system buckets for Couchbase 4.0.

For example, I can query the index bucket.

select * from system:indexes where keyspace_id = “beer-sample”;

select * from system:keyspaces; 

Will give you a list of buckets in the system