n1QL LIKE query for counters

Hey, I’m using the Java SDK to create a range of counters with different keys and values. I then want to find all counters where there’s a partial match on the key, I tried the bellow query which does not throw any errors, but it gives me an empty result. I would expect it to have 3 items in the result. When I do a bucket.get(id) for any of those IDs, I get a result back.

bucket.counter("123", 1,0);
bucket.counter("123-345", 1,0);
bucket.counter("000-123", 1,0);

bucket.query(N1qlQuery.simple("SELECT * FROM 'bucket-name' d WHERE META(d).id LIKE '%123%'"));

You need to use backticks around bucket not single quotes (this makes constant).

N1qlQuery.simple("SELECT * FROM `bucket-name` d WHERE META(d).id LIKE '%123%'"));