N1ql joins cant seem to get it working

I can’t seem to get joins to work. I have a 3 buckets i would like to join they all have a common key which is an attribute called key.
I tried statements straight out of the documentation but cant seem to get it to work.
select * from rates r JOIN flowroute on KEY r.key
maybe im misunderstanding how this works…

PS. Typo on the docs

KEYS should be keys on the first example for key clause

Interestingly when I do SELECT * FROM rates JOIN didlogic KEY “1” it gives me one expected result.
One joined item.

WiIl answer my own question, seems that i mistakenly use “key” a reserved keyword as one of my object attributes.

Hi Andrew,

You are correct that KEY and KEYS are reserved words. You can use key to access your attribute.

The N1QL JOIN syntax is described in the online docs and tutorial. If you have more questions about it, please post here.