N1QL incompatibility with Java and 4.6dp

Having just installed the 4.6dp, I was trying to do some basic queries as part of my startup/init script, which work in 4.5. They were just hanging until timing out with the 4.6dp.

I was using Java client 2.2.5/1.2.5/rx 1.1.1. I upgraded to the latest everything (2.3.5/2.2.5, rx 1.2.3) and it works again.

This certainly isn’t expected, though the “hanging” sounds like possibly a couple known issues with processing some chunked N1QL replies from the cluster which were fixed in 2.3.2 and 2.3.3.

Was it the situation that everything would ‘hang’ until timeout after a particular point? Do you have anything to help us repro?


Last night I filed another, more subtle, problem that I was having with the latest versions of the client library:


When I wind this example back to the old versions, I get an exception thrown:

com.couchbase.client.core.RequestCancelledException: Request cancelled in-flight.

I would guess that this is what was happening in my real code, but I was failing to catch the exception, so it just looked like a ‘hang’ until timeout.

Hopefully that helps somewhat.