N1QL back-end working philosophy

I have bundle of questions regarding N1QL back-end working philosophy and performance which are listed below:

First thing is that which is more efficient to use N1QL queries or view indexes?

I read that “N1QL will include UPDATE … WHERE … statements for setting specific fields and paths without doing a round trip.” My question is how it is possible to UPDATE…WHERE without doing a round trip?

I read that “N1QL performance depends on the underlying index, e.g. Couchbase views.” Here what does it meant by underlying index please ellaborate with example if possible.

Bundle of thanks in advance.

Hi @billalgill,

I answered your questions on the other thread. I will also refer you to documentation, blogs, and videos.

If you google “YouTube N1QL” and “blog N1QL”, you will find various materials.