N1QL AsyncN1qlQueryRow.byteValue() / pre-format change

Value of N1QL-query result, returned from AsyncN1qlQueryRow.byteValue() is “pre-formatted” with a lots of whitespaces (probably to make it “human-friendly-looking”). Is there a flag or option to disable this pre-formatting ?

Hi @egrep
No, this is currently how the query service returns the data. There should be a flag for N1QL to avoid this pretty print in the future, but for now it is not supported on the server side (so it’s not exposed in the SDK).

thanks, will wait for server-side support.
by the way “pretty print” sounds nice,

     final N1qlParams p = N1qlParams


Here is the tracking ticket btw: https://issues.couchbase.com/browse/MB-19150

Is there a chance add this feature to 4.1.x branch ?
Of course, this is not critical, so only if there is enough of “free resources” to implement this.
[UPDATE] Hmm … is “spock” going to be realeased @2017 ?

current beta version, 4.5, is codename “Watson”. “Spock” is the following major version, so yeah probably 2017.