Multiple Views on Design Document

I’m using couchbase for proof of concepts and such. I am reading about views and design documents and understand them (I think). So far whenever I wanted to create a new view I created a new document as well. Is there any benefit or drawback for putting multiple views on the same design document (performance, ease of use, querying)?

Yes, think of design docs as groups. Each design doc uses one thread . So you want to keep similar ACTION and DATA together. Example … let have three design docs(groups) management, user registration, Web site Content.

  1. So management can have stale data (stale=ok) ACTION
    new signups or subscription fees ie sales orders DATA
  2. Client Registration needs to be up to date b/c an new user just signed up and want to log in.(stale=false) ACTION
    user account profiles and login auth logs DATA
  3. You are showing articles or blog so up to the minute is not important(stale=update_after) ACTION
    blog posts DATA

Also having lots of view is BAD EX. 100
GOOD EX. 1-20

You might think of ElasticSearch Plugin and ask you questions there and get you data super fast at Couchbase.