Multiple Query over single View

Currently I have an index that looks like this:

[eventId-1, time1, true]
[eventId-1, time2, true]
[eventId-1, time3, true]
[eventId-1, time4, false]
[eventId-2, time5, true]
[eventId-2, time6, false]
[eventId-2, time7, true]
[eventId-1, time7, false]

Basically it is in the [eventId, created_at, type] format.

Let’s say for eventId-1, there are two type of docs identified by type (true or false). I want to run a reduce function for eventId-1 with all the true type of docs.

I have tried the following code but it doesn’t work:

            Query query = app.getDatabase().getView("list").createQuery();
            query.setStartKey(Arrays.asList(eventId, new HashMap<String, Object>(), false));
            query.setEndKey(Arrays.asList(eventId, null, false));
            QueryEnumerator result2 =;
            for (Iterator<QueryRow> it = result2; it.hasNext(); ) {
                QueryRow row =;
                Log.d("MyApp", "Key is " + row.getKey());

I am getting nothing as output.

Can I query this with the current index or I need to create a new index where type (true/false) is at the second position in the key array?