Multiple queries for the same data - couchbase lite

I have a complex object that is written out to a couchbase lite DB on an android tablet.
The complex object is composed of strings and other complex objects (which are datamap’s).

If I do a query based on the createAllDocumentsQuery, I get back that complex objects with all its fields (showing up in the properties)
However, if I do the query a second time, I get the top level simple fields (i.e., strings) but not the complex fields. They do not show up in the properties.

I am using the release version of the jars. (i.e., couchbase-lite-java-core-1.0.0-55)

Can you open an issue on github and provide code samples to reproduce the problem?

I did submit this to github. However, I have no small concise project to illustrate the issue. The code that is causing the problem is the getDocument() call in the following

Query query = Prescription.allAsNeededPrescriptionView.createQuery();
Document theDoc = null;
try {
QueryEnumerator rowEnum =;
StringBuilder takenText = new StringBuilder();
// for each asNeeded drug output last 24 hours of use.
for (Iterator it = rowEnum; it.hasNext(); ) {
QueryRow row =;
Map<String, Object> rowMap = (Map)row.getValue();
theDoc = row.getDocument();
Map<String, Object> hashMap = new HashMap<String, Object>(theDoc.getProperties());

row.getValue is showing the proper properties for the document, the getProperties() on theDoc is correct on the first call but on the second call to this code, there are two properties missing from a lower tier of the document. (I am talking about multiple calls to the and not an issue with multiple rows of the iteration (i.e., there is only one row returned from the query call).

For tracking purposes, adding link to github issue: