Multiple buckets or one bucket with multiple type keys?

I am noob and trying to use couchbase as caching layer. My initial thought was to create multiple buckets for each item (users, dashboards ) and each bucket contains (K,V) information. But I read somewhere its good to use few buckets as possible. Then I thought to create one bucket but use type as key like shown below.

“users”: [ { IDxxxxxx: {name: asdfasd, address: afasdfasd}}, …]
“dashboards” : [{DB1234: { name: test }}]

But I am confused on API to put/get entries for each type. do I get json for each type and update the json ? is this somethign already done ? If yes, could you pls. point to any design considerations/document you used as reference ?

appreciate any help in advance.

@schamarthi -

I would first go to the SDK documentation page and read up on the SDK you plan to use (.NET, Java, Node.js, etc):

There you will find a developer guide and tutorial which will help you get started. Also, correct you would use a single bucket and partition your documents by “type”.