Multi threading for sync gateway 2.1

Hi guys,

I’m running quadcore server for run both Syncgateway & Couchbase server for my project. But when I’m tracking the system. Syncgateway just run up to 100% (linux, which mean just run one CPU process)

So is possible to enable Syncgateway running on multi CPU for get better performance?

Thank you so much!

Sync Gateway is configured to use all of the available logical cores by default, but can be overridden with the GOMAXPROCS environment variable.

What kind of workload are you putting through SG to expect to see 100% across all cores?

It may be that you’re being bottlenecked elsewhere, or the type of work you’re asking SG to do is not well parallelized.

Just only for 2 databases in SG. But these’re point to same bucket in Couchbase Server.

  • records database: used for save transaction data to couchbase
  • report database: used for getting report data from couchbase and show to client

My server have 2-4 cores, but SG just use 1 core at same time.