Mixed cluster between enterprise and community editions

This is my first question here. So hi everyone. We are considering to move one of our biggest database installation from sybase IQ to couchbase. We have been testing it and it works perfectly fine but, now we have the problem of the high number of nodes that we would need to emulate the same performance that we already have with IQ. Even more because it has a super high growing. My question is: Could be possible, having a base cluster with couchbase enterprise, add later more nodes in community edition when needed?


Hi Francisco, that’s great news that Couchbase appears to be an adequate solution for your future growth.
Unfortunately, there is not a way to use a mixed cluster of Enterprise and Community Editions of Couchbase. We can certainly walk you through how to migrate from one to the other, but the product doesn’t support mixing editions in a cluster.

We’d be happy to keep discussing how to get a community edition cluster to satisfy your needs.