Missing class in stub

Many classes are missing from stubs.

Like : CouchbaseMetaDoc, CouchbaseMutationToken, CouchbaseMutateInBuilder, and maybe others.

@srm, what do you mean they are missing from stubs? They all accessible from PHP code




Ok but why PHPStorm can’t find them ?

I haven’t used PHPStorm, do you point it to the stub directory? it is now php/src/ in the extension sources

I found the problem.
It’s related to this file not updated : https://github.com/JetBrains/phpstorm-stubs/blob/daa25f57a585645963b32d25fc5155b9669b49c2/standard/couchbase.php

great. can you help to get that file updated? thanks

I dunno what i should add

I will try to handle that and let you know.

Ok thank you @avsej :slight_smile: