Millions of "Error compacting key <ud>...</ud> (purge) - tombstone will not be compacted."

We just found that our prod SGW 3.0.3 (Couchbase 6.6.3) installation flooded the log with these kind of warning messages:

2022-09-12T12:49:35.354+02:00 [WRN] c:#001 Error compacting key 349B70F0E729D83CC12588B80025991B (purge) - tombstone will not be compacted. SubdocGetBodyAndXattr 349B70F0E729D83CC12588B80025991B: Not Found – db.(*Database).Compact() at database.go:1195

We solved it by dropping the sg_tombstone_x1 indizies and re-creating them. As far as I understand the message tells me that the index contains data about deleted documents, but the corresponding xattr._sync.tombstoned_at data is not available anymore.

How can this happen?

Hi @JulianBuss,

This is a known issue in Sync Gateway 3.0.3 and has been fixed in upcoming versions. It is due to an error handling issue related to SDK upgrades done in 3.0 and can safely be ignored.

This issue is being tracked on Jira and GitHub.


great to hear, thanks!

Hello @IsaacL,

Is there already a new release with the fix for this issue?


Hi @hse,

There is currently no release with this fix in it.