Migrating .net 2.7 to .net 3.1 => IQueryRequest AddNamedParameter

I am trying to migrate Couchbase SDK from 2.7 to 3.1, I use the IQueryRequest to pass all the queries information, and AddNamedParameter for all parameters when using QueryAsync , is there a way to do this in 3.1.
I checked the migration guide Migrating from SDK2 to SDK3 API | Couchbase Docs however it doesn’t specify anything about how to migrate those QueryRequests, it looks like QueryAsync only accepts a string.
Am I missing something?

@evealfaro -

Cluster.QueryAsync has a second parameter for options and you would use the QueryOptions.Parameter method for your parameters:

var options = new QueryOptions().

var result = await cluster.QueryAsync("SELECT * FROM `$bucket` WHERE name=$name", options);

If your using positional parameters you use the overload the just takes the value.


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Thank you Jeff!
Yeah, that means that I will need to convert all the QueryRequests to strings and send the parameters as QueryOptions, so the QueryAsync can execute what I need.

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