Micro Services and Couchbase Buckets/Scopes/Collections in 7.0

I have more of an architectural design question around micro services.

As you know, the microservices architecture emphasizes on having their own a data store for each of the microservices. For example:

Vendor Micro Service - VendorData Store
Customer Micro Service - CustomerData Store
Order Micro Service - Order DataStore.

The question is, with Couchbase how do we achieve this kind of data store separation especially with the new Bucket/Scope/Collection concepts in 7.0?

Can each of the microservices data stores be their own Scopes (with one or more collections in it), even though they are all part of the same bucket and technically not independent as per microservices philosophy?

Or, Is there a way to leverage the autonomous operator to deploy Kubernetes clusters/nodes/pods to achieve that kind of separation?