"memoryQuota - Unsupported key ERROR" on couchbase-cli cluster-init

When attempting the following (within a docker-machine):
couchbase-cli cluster-init -c --cluster-username $DB_USER_NAME
–cluster-password $DB_PASSWORD --services data,index,query --cluster-ramsize 600
–cluster-index-ramsize 600

I receive:
ERROR: memoryQuota - Unsupported key
ERROR: indexMemoryQuota - Unsupported key

Any ideas what is this error and how to solve it?

What version of Couchbase Server are you using?

Latest Docker at Docker hub. It turned out that the server was not fully loaded when I made the request. The real issue I’m dealing with is that she deploying a couchbase, there is no real indication to when it is “safe” to unit a cluster, open a bucket etc’…