Memory leak in viewQuery

I just wanted to point out that there is probably a memory leak in Couchbase PHP SDK (version 3.0.5 and basically whole 3.x release) in Couchbase\Bucket viewQuery. You can test it out by running a long-living process that will handle lots of data using the above method. It allocates the memory and never really make it free. Please, give me some advice on how to fix the issue tmp. and consider using references there.
I noticed there were quite few memory leak updates in the php couchbase library recently (3.x branch) so you might be interested in this topic @avsej :slight_smile:

As a temporary fix I decided to make a direct call to Couchbase Server API endpoint by using pure CURL function without any Guzzle wrappers (it will also cause the same problem with memory) and now the memory looks good.
I would anyway really enjoy a fix on SDK side. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thanks @maciej.tomaszewski have notified @avsej

Thanks for report, @maciej.tomaszewski. The issue fixed in 3.1 (recorded as PCBC-741 in our Jira issue tracker)

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