Machine learning with document database

i need to perform recommendation for data stored in couchbase documents
i think this data will be stored in analytics serices . which is the best referring or embedding data
moreover , could any one recommend the best machine learning tool or technology to perform any technique like clustering or classification i have the base knowledge with them

HI @Aya_Gamal
This is a very broad question with a lot of possible answers. You might want to take a look at the Couchbase Spark Connector. Spark is a very good solution for data streaming and ML, and our connector provides seamless integration with it. You can code in a variety of JVM languages, with Scala and Java being the common choices.

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what about tool like Splunk

Could you go into your use case with Splunk a bit more maybe?

Would this blog help ? - Couchbase & Splunk: a real-time AI-driven analytics platform | The Couchbase Blog

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i had red it before but i need to know if i there is any other tool better than it
thanks alot