Low resident with memory available

Hi there!

Right now i’m trying to understand an issue on our Couchbase cluster.

^ on this image we can see that the resident is very low, but there are lots of available RAM

Why the resident is 12% only ?

Hello Rui_Oliveira

What you are describing is normal and not usually a concern. If you for example deleted a lot of documents to free-up memory, the resident ratio wouldn’t change automatically. Couchbase Server does not optimistically make documents resident when there is memory quota available, instead, non-resident documents are only made resident when they are used by an application; this is what is known as the working set of documents. Over time as you access your documents, the resident ratio would increase naturally. If for some reason you had a requirement to force the cache to fill to a higher resident ratio, you could restart Couchbase Server on each of your cluster nodes and as part of the warm-up process it would re-populate the items in memory, this process is discouraged though as it does incur a downtime while the items are being loaded from disk.

Ian McCloy (Couchbase, Principal Product Manager)