Logging configuration in sync gateway

Hi All,

I am configuring sync gateway and I am not sure about the logging section which is as follows. What is the difference between the root level keys and the logging object ?

  # The root level log and logFilePath Key
  log: "string",
  logFilePath: "string",

  # The logging object
  logging: {
    default: {
      logFilePath: "string",
      logKeys: "string",
      logLevel: "string",
      rotation: {
        maxsize: 0,
        maxage: 0,
        maxbackups: 0,
        localtime: false


The root level keys are there for backwards comptibility with existing configuration files in production.

If you are going to use the new logging object you should remove the root level keys.

@andy Thank you very much for the quick reply. Maybe this should be added as part of the documentation, so people don’t get confused ?

I thought it was mentioned in the docs but I can’t seem to find it. Agreed that it needs to be clarified. Tagging @jamiltz to fix the documentation