Location of Installation/yaml files when deploying CB via "Helm"


In our new Kubernetes environment, recently I deployed Couchbase Server using ‘helm’, however I was unable to locate any of the CAO installation/package files like crd.yaml or even the helm chart’s default ‘value.yaml’ file. Even the Linux’s ‘find’ command did not result presence of this file.

Do we know where are these files present ? Or are they deleted as soon as CB Server is deployed ?

I am using helm 3.2, CAO 2.0.2 on Kubernetes 1.15 and CB Server 6.0.4.

Following is the helm command which I use:
helm install rel2 couchbase/couchbase-operator

Above ‘helm’ command deploys Custom Resources (CRDs), Operator, DAC and CB Server with 3 nodes with all 6 services. However, I do not see any yaml files (which we use to deploy such CB Clusters in non-helm methods).

Any idea on this ?


I think the answer, generally speaking, is that you should just kubectl get <thing> -o yaml since any modifications should be based on what is deployed. It depends on if you’re doing imperative or declarative management, as both are valid.

I don’t know helm that well though, so I can’t offer advice from experience.

My colleague @tommie can probably help.