Linux memcached paths after adding OSX node to Linux cluster

Hi All.

I’ve run into an interesting issue. I temporarily added a node running OS X to an existing EE 5.0.1 test cluster. I’ve since de-commissioned the Mac, and have been getting these console alert messages on the Linux cluster since:

Audit Write Failure. Attempt to write to audit log on node “” was unsuccessful

After logging into one of the Linux nodes, I noticed audit.json has an OS X path (on Linux):

“log_path”: “/Users/steve/Library/Application Support/Couchbase/var/lib/couchbase/logs”

Sadly, changes to audit.json are overwritten. I suspect because config.dat also managed to get OS X paths. There are ~6 references to /Users/steve in config.dat.

Is there a way to undo this, or edit config.dat? It’s a binary file.