Linq2Couchbase Context error IBucket not defined

couchbase Reference to type ‘IBucket’ claims it is defined in ‘Couchbase.NetClient’, but it could not be found

that’s what the compiler says in the last line of this code

var cluster = await Cluster.ConnectAsync(_couchConfig[“ConnectionString”], _couchConfig[“Username”],

        IBucket b2 = await cluster.BucketAsync(_couchConfig["TravelBucket"]);
        var ctx = new BucketContext(b2);

CouchbaseNetClient v3.0.6
Couchbase.Extensions.DependencyInjection v3.0.5.931
Linq2Couchbase v1.4.2

what am I doing wrong?


Linq2Couchbase 1.4.2 is not compatible with Couchbase .NET SDK 3.x. The new version that is compatible hasn’t been released to NuGet yet.

thanks for you answer,
is there a release date?


Hi @afgonzal - no official release date, but should be in the near future!



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