LINQ Support for couchbase lite

Hi ,

I know that as of now LINQ queries are supported for couchbase lite .

Can i have some samples to see how they really work in C# .

Any further additions are made for the LINQ support in COuchbaseLite ? if so please mention .

For example how can i implement a AND statement which are present in N1QL in case of LINQ

To be clear: N1QL does not exist on Lite, and probably will not ever exist in its full form because N1QL is designed and optimized heavily for the server side use case. The current LINQ implementation work as you see on the page you have written and I have provided examples for it there. You will not be able to use logic across documents (that is, the logic in your query will be applied to one document at a time), but if you are just looking for a simple AND case, just use the C# && instead to put more than one clause into your where statement.

What packages need to be included in order to use LINQ? I have tried with Couchbase Lite 1.3.1 to do:

database.AsQueryable().Select(x => x.Key)

but the compiler doesn’t recognise AsQueryable.

LINQ is not released yet. It is only available in CI builds of 1.4 that you can get at

Awesome. when is 1.4 being released?