Linq predicate conditions not affected

Hi ,
I am trying to get data from couchbase Server using .Net linq with where predicate , but where conditions not affect on query. MyBucket have a 15797 documents and query return 00:15.294 second.

       public IEnumerable<HInfo> FindDodo(Func<HCView, bool> predicate)
            var result = Enumerable.Empty<HInfo>();
            if (predicate == null)
                return result;
            return BucketContext.Query<HCView>().Where(predicate).Select(p => p.Item);

then call this method ;

  var cacheResult = FindDodo(h => saleType.Contains(h.Item.HType) && 
                                                                    Utils.PrerpareSearch(h.Item.Name).equals( searchText)).ToList();

And Utils.PrerpareSearch not working .

Is this a correct way , What I’m missing ?