LIKE clause resulting to FileNotFoundException

I’m trying to use simple like query in N1QL but I get heres my HttpsRequest http://localhost:8093/query/service?statement=SELECT%20meta(c).id,c.*,s.userName,s.type,s.profilePic%20FROM%20Community%20c%20INNER%20JOIN%20staging%20s%20ON%20c.stagingId%20=%20meta(s).id%20WHERE%20c.notes%20LIKE%20'%xmas%'%20ORDER%20BY%20c.uploadDate%20DESC. When I try it in Postman same request its working, why is it throwing an exception in android?

Seems like this post is tagged wrong, could you use N1QL, query instead of mobile, CouchbaseLite.

I moved it to the N1QL category

Exception is from android, N1QL will not give Java error.

The problem might be:

The ‘%’ is escape character in the URI. When using % as wild card in N1QL URI format query, you need to escape that by replacing it with corresponding ascii code. example wildcard ‘%’ with ‘%25’
You can use JSON formatted query

http://localhost:8093/query/service -H "Content-Type: application/json"  -d '{"statement": "SELECT meta(c).id,c.*,s.userName,s.type,s.profilePic FROM Community c INNER JOIN staging s ON c.stagingId = meta(s).id WHERE c.notes LIKE \"%xmas%\" ORDER BY c.uploadDate DESC"}'


Thank you for these. Using the right character did it, my first try was %20.