Libcouchbase (v2.2, windows 32 bit, c) crash on set command

Firstly, I am so poor in English. Maybe you can read this message so hardly, I am sorry and thank for your time.
I am developing a server base couchbase server in windows use c++ language. In my app server, i create 5 work thread to process message. there have a libcouchbase connection instance each work thread. otherwise, i have a test program to simulate many clients connect to app server, send and receive message. actually, when i reboot windows, start up my app first time. i start up the test program to connect to app server, the app server always crash on lcb_store function. but when i app server second time, and make test program to connect the server, it work fine. It confuse me have a long time.
Thanks for Your Response.

Could you give a code example which reproduces the issue. What windows version are you using. Any stacktraces?