Lib problem when resolving localhost inside a docker container

I find a problem in the recent version of libcouchbase for Ubuntu. When using inside a docker
there is problem when resolving the server when there is no internet connection (tested in python):

bucket = Bucket(“couchbase://”)

55896ms [I10] {19} [INFO] (instance - L:135) DNS SRV lookup failed: DNS/Hostname lookup failed. Ignore this if not relying on DNS SRV records

It took 30-40 seconds to reach this failure and my app was crashing because of that.

As a work-around, I did the connection as such:
bucket = Bucket(“couchbase:///mybucket”)

It’s a weird bug and was not the case for older libcouchbase packages (the python wrapper and couchbase-server was kept the same). I hope this helps.

I think that the issue has been addressed in 2.7.3, and now it does not try to apply DNS-SRV lookups if it asked to do it with dnssrv=off

@avsej - it will still do DNS SRV lookups by default, but there is a way to disable it (as noted in the release note)

thanks. I’ve fixed my reply