LegacyDocument gone

Since LegacyDocument has been eliminated, we have a few use cases that use this. Data winds up being serialized to some binary format. Is there a serializer available that would be compatible with that in the new Java client?

I’ve found LegacyTranscoder - what would the correct way be to initialize it to be compatible with LegacyDocument, assuming that’s the correct path. That seems to be different since it requires a JsonSerializer, which the prior v2.x did not.

I believe I have a working solution by cloning the old LegacyTranscoder (and its dependencies) and converting it into a implementer of Transcoder. Seems to work.

@unhuman no need for that, you can use the Sdk2CompatibleLegacyTranscoder which ships with the SDK.

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Very nice! Dropped in over my implementation and all my tests still pass! Didn’t know it was there…